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Inside an LED tunnel that showed various video installations, Balenciaga presented its SS19 collection. The videos showed flames and TV static amongst others, which light up the collection in a beautiful way. The entire collection itself was powerful and striking, making the presentation as a whole well thought out. 

Balenciaga took the business wardrobe and put it on steroids. Broad shoulders, electric colors, stiff collars, etc., it gave off a modern 80s vibe. The luxe fabrics were draped to perfection in a stiff and powerful way. One of the many style tips I learned from this collection was taken from the structured tops paired with flowing trousers. I think it adds elegance and a touch of casualty to the work place uniform. Besides the installation and collection, I think the age range of the models was one of the most interesting parts of the show. I would be interested to see if more brands decide to take this step, especially to showcase that these looks can be worn by any generation. My love for Balenciaga has been a consistent one and something that is definitely not faltering this year. I enjoy when brands step outside the box with presentations, makes the fashion month season so exciting and fresh.


Chanel Part 3 – The Collection

After seeing the venue and decor, not to mention wearing some beautiful pieces from Chanel, I didn't think it could get any better. But once the collection appeared on the boardwalk turned catwalk, I was so wrong. The collection should have been called "The Perfect Spring/Summer Wardrobe." It had everything you would want for a chic and sophisticated wardrobe during the warmer months. Straw hats and bags, summer suits made of their classic tweed, flowy dresses, denim, etc. etc. etc. It was a never-ending show of me thinking "want, need, have to have."
Chanel has always been, in my opinion, the master at details. I was so in love with the quirky, summer details they added to their accessories. The sea shell purse, the classic Chanel bag made of a towel-like fabric, and the jewelry and belts were insane.

It was so difficult to choose which photos I wanted to share from this collection, but now I can't even imagine me trying to decide on a piece to choose for my own wardrobe. The most memorable part of my fashion month experience. Thank you, Chanel, for having me! Xx Darja

Chanel Part 2 – Chanel By The Sea

I truly believe everyone attending Paris Fashion Week is secretly awaiting the Chanel show. This year's SS19 presentation was so well worth that wait. The Grand Palais is already such an amazing piece of architecture, but when Karl Lagerfeld touches it, it turns into something out of my dreams.  

The space was an idyllic beach, with actual sand, a working tide and a beach hut with a long boardwalk served as the catwalk. Obviously people come for the collection, but I stay for the venue and decor. When a brand takes the surroundings and turns it into the essence and inspiration behind the collection, it's what makes fashion art.


The Loewe SS19 show was incredible, which was no surprise to me at all. The brand creates some of the most beautiful pieces and this year, the show matched and exceeded my expectations.

The space was held inside the Maison de l'UNESCO in Paris and was made of several parts. Spinning car wash brushes, rustic woven baskets, a room full of record players with spinning ceramics, bubbles, etc. It was unexpected and felt like an art museum.

The collection itself had so much texture and color! I loved the mixing of knits, feathers, silk, fringe etc. Each look was so intricate and full of detail. The safari-chic vibe the collection gave off was modern and bold. 

Loewe has really made itself a prominent brand for bags. The puzzle bag has become the "it item" over the last years and with the SS19 show, I added more to my list.

They took the classic summer beach tote and made it a bold, statement piece. The straw itself is thick and in various colors and styles. I was obsessed with the different handles as well; chain-link, leather that ties, belt. I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

JACQUEMUS – “La Riviera”

Jacquemus was definitely the most anticipated show of Paris Fashion Week, if not the whole season. So I was extremely sad that I couldn't attend this year's show.

Jacquemus paired with The Woolmark Company to create this SS19 collection, using "cool wool" to make his own, iconic twist on the normally fall/winter-used fabric. His goal was to create young and exciting quality products at an affordable price.

Even though summer just ended, I am definitely wishing for it to come back after seeing this collection. I loved the structured, business-like silhouettes in bright jewel tones, as well as the embracement of the female body. It's an amazing, new take on the summer wardrobe that I'm here for. Again, I am so sad I couldn't make it to this show, but a huge congrats to Jacquemus and his team on an amazing collection.

Xx Darja



Da jeg ankom mitt tredje hotell i Paris, Saint James, ble jeg møtt av drømmekreasjoner hengende på rommet mitt på rekke og rad. Klær, sko og vesker jeg kunne velge og vrake fra. Alt signert Chanel. Ærlig talt følte jeg meg som en prinsesse i en drøm. Materialene, snittene og håndverket bak hvert eneste plagg beundret jeg i timesvis. Jeg prøvde på det ene plagget vakrere enn det andre, snurret meg rundt på koselige, parisiske hotellrommet mens jeg hørte på fransk musikk og speilet meg. Ja, det var som tatt ut fra en filmscene. En lykkefølelse jeg kommer til å leve lenge på.

Jeg hadde aldri i min villeste fantasi trodd at jeg noensinne skulle få jobbe sammen med det ikoniske merket Chanel, men så feil kan man altså ta. Nei, det er bare å fortsette og drømme, og huske på at ingenting er umulig. Drømmer går faktisk i oppfyllelse. X

Photo: Blaire and Lynae