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Country Boho

I samarbeid med Zalando har jeg gjort min tolkning av "Country Boho"-stilen, og ettersom jeg skrev teksten på engelsk, velger jeg å publisere originalteksten (den norske versjonen kan leses her):


Country Boho is not just a festival style adapted by youngsters (inspired by fashionistas such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and The Olsen-twins) – it is a style with great history that has existed for years. It has its origin in the beginning of the early 1900s, where artists no longer defined themselves just as craft persons, but individuals with a unique sense of style. The artist was eccentric and his/hers creative lifestyle was reflexed in the way they lived and dressed. It is a free spirit and an open mind that define a bohemian; it is a person who doesn’t necessarily follow rules, but one who dares to make her own.


Country Boho, as a complete style, might not fit everybody – but with its fun, loose and comfortable garments, you can find a dress, a shirt, a skirt or a pair of boots that can add the cool free-spirited-boho-vibe to your look. You don’t have to transform yourself into a hippie in order to rock this style – don’t be afraid to be daring and to go with it! Leave the office-look at the office, and pull off this gorgeous combination of relaxed bohemian and cool-ass hippie with flowing hair and natural make-up! To me this style is perfect in the city, at a festival or out in the country. I love to combine a nice pair of fitted jeans with a long-sleeved shirt, lots of jewellery and some stylish leather shoes to make a statement out of this look.


A smashing pair of jeans is every girls dream – a jeans that flatters the bum, and isn’t too tight around the waist. The country boho-look is all about coolness and comfort. Therefore you can choose between baggy jeans, wide jeans, or short-cut jeans that can be a tip-top supplement to that ultimate outfit.


A long sleeve is definitely my favourite clothing item! Pick a shirt that is the length of your waist, and make sure the sleeves are extra long for a cool and casual boho-effect. Choose between raw and fine fabrics and don’t hesitate to mix colours and patterns. For an evening look, pair the long sleeved shirt of your desire with a tight-fitted skirt and high heels to get a more luxurious finish.


Nothing is more comfortable than a dress that flows in the wind! Choose a dress with a print, like floral, or of neutral color, and combine it with stockings, jeans or bare legs! Style your outfit with rock-chic boots, classic silhouettes or a pair of laidback sneakers.


The boho dress is truly a classic that goes with everything – don’t be afraid to experiment by using your imagination and creativity! Make it fun!


The sky is the limit when it comes to boho accessories! Style your outfit up or down; be a minimalist with a simple golden chain or rock a more bold expression with big heavy chandelier earrings, diamond rings and colourful bracelets. But don’t stop there: Cover your head with a silk scarf or a hat for a more distinct and vibrant look.


Make it personal by using old, inherited jewellery and a vintage scarf or hat, and mix it with the new and modern take on the bohemian fashion. Just add your favourite designer bag of the season and you are ready to rock the streets!


The legendary icon Nancy Sinatra once sang ”These Boots Are Made For Walkin’// ”and that’s just what they’ll do!”, and the country boots are definitely made for walking! Not only are they stylish – they are also extremely comfortable! In other words, you won’t have to bring a pair of spare shoes in your bag as these shoes can convert from a day to an evening look.


In addition, these shoes will keep your foot warm and dry – just remember quality socks! Investing in a good pair of leather boots is always a safe bet, therefore I encourage you to go out and find your favourite pair this season.


Photo: Marthe Amundsen